Office of Religious Education Mission                


In keeping with the teaching mission of the Church, the Office of Religious Education promotes the importance and ensures the quality of life-long religious education for everyone in the Diocese of Worcester.


  • To have all parishes and schools demonstrate quality religious education programs.

  • To have quality life-long religious education for everyone be a priority of diocesan, parish and school leadership.

  • To have the Office of Religious Education provide and promote current, quality religious education resources.

  • To have all who teach and catechize be certified and competent for their ministry.

Elizabeth Marcil

Elizabeth Marcil, Director
Telephone: (508) 929-4306
FAX: (508) 753-7180

  • Baptism, RCIA, Penance and Eucharist Programs
  • Curriculum Development
  • Elementary Religious Education
  • Evaluation Tools – ACRE and PREEP
  • Liturgy of the Word with Children
  • Parish Religious Education Boards
  • Safe Environment Education for Children, Youth and Parents
  • Text and Resource Evaluation
LaVerne Bertin

LaVerne Bertin, Associate Director
Telephone: (508) 929-4305
FAX: (508) 753-7180

  • Adult Education/Adult Faith Formation (AFF)
  • Catechists Certification
  • Development of AFF teams
  • Evenings of Reflection
  • Faith Sharing Groups/Small
    Christian Communities
  • Teacher Training
Barbara Ramian

Barbara Ramian, Associate Director
Telephone: (508) 929-4308
FAX: (508) 753-7180

  • Catechetical Leadership Certification 
  • (DRE, CRE, ARE)
  • Confirmation Programs
  • Junior and Senior High School
    Religious Education Programs
  • Loreto Model Religious Education program
  • Outreach to catechetical leaders
  • Religious Education in Catholic Schools

     Tina Romeo
Administrative Assistant – Office
Telephone: (508) 929-4303
FAX: (508) 753-7180

  Kelly Henderson,
Resource Center Accounts

Telephone: (508) 929-4302
FAX: (508) 753-7180
Patricia Naple, Manager 
Resource Center
Telephone: (508) 929-4301
FAX: (508) 753-7180